Lucknow model public school is an institution to established to reform the modern business /commercial trend of education managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced  educationist dutiful and devoted and reformers or society. the object of the institution is only provide a high educational standard but also to in all round development of personality of the child .

The lucknow model imparts education on modern scientific lines with the help of various teaching methods aids to make students participation in a wide variety of activities. general knowledge competitions  art contest  group discussions debates are held regularly throughout the year  to develop  all their mental abilities.

National festivals like Independence Day republic day Gandhi jayanti are celebrated with great enthusiasm to develop the feelings of patriotism among the students.

Other extracurricular activities including physical training classes’ cultural programmers are organized by the school from time to time. computer classes are also a part of the activities.

All these activities are necessary for keeping the children physically and mentally alert and give them confidence to face challenges of life.


Aims of Institution-

  • The aim of institution is to give children a refined education so as to equip them to be men and women of character and integrity.
  • To provide the quality education to the children with less economic burden on parents/guardians.
  • The school aims not only to cherish cream students but also uplift the physical and mental level of mediocre or below mediocre students.
  • The institution ever kicks out students on the basis of merit in IX and XI standard.
  • The institution is rigid for versatile development of student from lower classes to higher classes.
  • The institution aims to encourage students for hard work, determination and persistence to faster habits of self discipline and to promote initiative endeavour.