Smart Class

1-  Makes learning inspiring, easy and enjoyable.

2-  Enables the students to improve the academic performance.

3-  Provides education based on technologically supported teaching.

4-  Makes class room teaching more effective.

5-  Enables multi-sensory learning in class room.

6-  Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.

Co-curricular Activities-

 A rich programme of co-curricular activities like dance music debate quiz run parallel to  he academic curriculum.these activities are conducted regularly through inter  house competitions along with picnics and educational trips .the four houses are:

  HOPE          NOBLE          PEACE       UNITY

Based on traditional qualities of learning.



College has following laboratories to promote clear understanding of the subject matter-

(a) Computer lab    (b) Science lab  (c) Technology Lab

Multipurpose hall

The college has a large and well furnished multipurpose hall which is used for different activities like competitions ,workshops and guest lecturer.

Music room

The college has a music room with instrument where students get to improve their talents under expert guidance.