1. All dues are to be paid in advance upto 10the of every month.
  2. After 10the date of the same month, late payment fee will be charged as follows.

(!)  Depositing of fee between 11th to 20the of the month Late payment fee- Rs 10/-

(!!) Depositing of fee between 21st to last day of the month late payment fee – Rs. 20/-

(!!!) After that name of the child will struck off from the attendance register. On payment of Rs. 100/-(as re-admission fee) the child will be re-enrolled.

  1. One month tuition fee concession is given if full fee is paid for the academic year(whole year) in the beginning of the session.
  2. Parents/Guardians must keep all fee-receipts safely for record. The college authorities shall not entertain complaints, if you fail to furnish required fee-receipts.
  3. If a student is withdrawn in the mid session, six-month fees will be charged.


Note- School Monthly Fee will be charged as given in the fee card.